Make To Do List
Get Book Storage Device
Get Salt for on Person

Get Lead Lined Box
Get Hawk with Laser Eye Beams
Have Apprentice develop Eavesdropping Spell
Punish Apprentice for Eavesdropping
Get Apprentice
Get Magical Ink
Get High Quality Parchment
Get Laboratory
Get Laboratory With Damage Resistant Walls and Probably A Failsafe System
Create Scrolls (See List)
Acquire Familiar
Get Merchant Scales
(Acquire Merchant?)
Fly On A Flying Mount
Acquire Better Method For Protecting Spellbooks (Dragon Maybe?)
Acquire Better Hat
Get Knowledge Books
Get Fancy Clothes
Start Scroll Exchange Program
Get Spell Tome
Investigate Better Protection Against Gnomes of Zurich Khorzem and other folks...
Get Fire Resistant Library
Establish Man-Days as Official Measurement
Prepare for Secret Plan Alpha
Enact Secret Plan Alpha
Get Venetian Flag
Create Secure Gate Between Holdings?
Get on demand access to ethereal plane.
Drive a dog team
Encounter a ghost ship

Go to Antioch - Read at the library.
Have Wizard Tower

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